Trademark Services

We provide the following trademark services:

  • trademark registration services. We assist individuals and businesses in the process of advising, filing and registering their trademark in several countries where we operate. Since procedures are different from one country to another, we can provide a one stop shop for trademark registration for several countries. We can even assist in countries where we do not operate. In such cases we use local agents and our fees are always transparent to the client and we will only charge a flat management fee.
  • trademark renewal services. We can assist trademark owners to renew their trademark in all the countries we operate in. We can be of service even if the trademark was registered by a different agent or law firm, and sometimes even if the trademark is past the renewal date. On that occasion we can make also changes to the trademark owner details, if the name of address have changed in the meantime. We may also amend, where possible, the scope of the protection.
  • trademark recordals. After the registration, changes may occur in the life of a trademark. We can assist to register trademark assignments or trademark licesing. We can also assist with changes to the name of the trademark owner, changes to the address or other details of the owner.

Please contact us to receive more information on our trademark services including procedures, costs and fees.